Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm in L O V E!!

My new found love... I can't get enough of it!! aaahh this stuff is amazing! Its so perfect, I absolutely love the fragrance =) Its called Irresistible Apple..

Voluptuous sun-kissed red apples with whispers of blond wood and soft musk. Enticing. Bold. Undeniably sexy.

I'm a huge fan of the lotion as well! The scent actually lasts on the skin, not all day long, but throughout the majority of the day. It leaves your skin so silky smooth.. I lovee itt.. Bath and Body are still having a sale at the back of their store, even though their semi anual sale is over. There are lots of goodies left that are 75% off.. Only while supplies last!


more snow?!

This gorgeous tuesday morning, all of Bellevue woke up to a white surprise.. SNOW! .... again! No one was excited really. Except me =) I absolutely love snow, and I'm not afraid to drive in it. I know that a lot of people dont like it when it snows here because it makes the commute longer and more difficult.

My poor little Echo got covered too.. Freezing baby..!

here is my little snow beast in the snow.. Isnt she pretty? Haha.. I got some great snow tires that allow me to drive in the snow without a problem. But it also takes skill heheh..

Well I just had to do a self portrait .. Just cant resist.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

So far apart..

The hardest part is letting go...

Love has us holding on to this dream life that we build together. I'm afraid that our world might fall apart, being so far away.. You truly are the light in my life that keeps me going strong. Thank you for letting me be my self, and making me feel beautiful as a woman. I love you and no matter how far apart we are, love will keep us together.

I believe that you will come back for me and that our lives will move forward..

Seeing you get on that plane today broke my heart. I haven't cried for you so hard before in my life. I guess now i realize how precious you are to me and that you are the one who keeps me sane. I love you..



Thursday, January 22, 2009

application process

So being in my shoes has just gotten unbearable. Don't want to go into detail... there just isnt enough time in this world to cover whats going on right now.

Something thats on top of my to-do list is applying to the Radiologic Technology program at my school. I am super nervous about this application process, but basically, this is what is brakes down to.

They accept students based on a point system.

Anatomy and Physiology 241 - 4.0

Anatomy and Physiology 242 - 4.0

Volunteer Experience - 1

Radiology Work Experience - 1
Reapplication - 1

Total: 11

The most points a student can accumulate is 11 points. This is where I feel everything gets tricky. I
need to maintain a 4.0 in my second course of Anatomy and Physiology to have a high chance of getting in. Which I know I can do, but its going to be very hard. Its something that I want, and I know that I will get.

Deadline is on Feb 15th.. just right around the corner. And I'm sure its going to get even closer with every blink of my eyes.

Knowing that I have this man by my side, supporting me is what makes my life worth living. He is my true motivation! I love you.