Thursday, February 26, 2009

I know that I haven't been on for a while, and its only because life can tend to get hectic, FAST!! But we all have to remember to breathe, slow down and enjoy what we have.

For me, when i get too busy and just caught up in life, I tend to forget to eat. Horrible idea. So after weeks of eating less and less during the day, I noticed that I lost some weight. Of course that was great news to me... but now... I've noticed that I have started to retain some water weight. WHAT?!? Yeah, I know.. sucks... So I found this great article that explained a lot and helped me understand a bit more on why my body is reacting this way.

Your body does an amazing job of correcting fluid imbalances. But poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle can tip the scales toward water retention. We have eleven water log prevention tips that will help you look leaner.

Don't Undereat
Of course a low-cal diet will help you lose weight, but shed too many calories and you could create water retention. Don't eat less than 1,200 calories per day and include lean protein, an important nutrient in short supply in very low-cal diets that helps stave-off water retention.

Move More!
Your lymphatic system can't drain excess fluid out of tissues without body movement. Exercise about four times a week to relieve your body of extra fluid and salt through sweating and increased respiration.

Get Dry
Alcohol acts as a diuretic at first, making you lose excess water. But that loss can lead to dehydration, causing the body to preserve its fluids. Opt for virgin cocktails, or dilute that glass of wine with seltzer.

Get Hydrated
While it seems contradictory, drinking plenty of plain
water -- 8 to 10 glasses per day -- will flush salt and fluid out of your system. A well-hydrated body in less likely to retain water.

Eat more frequently
Eat five or six small meals instead of three big meals. Nibbling or drinking at frequent intervals will keep you nourished and hydrated and will help avoid the rush of fluid to the tissues that may occur with eating large infrequent meals.

Choose Natural
Anything packaged-including that can of asparagus that seems so healthy-will give you more sodium than you need. Become a purveyor of the farmer's market. Ditch canned products and flavored packaged grains. Plan meals that include fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.