Wednesday, January 28, 2009

more snow?!

This gorgeous tuesday morning, all of Bellevue woke up to a white surprise.. SNOW! .... again! No one was excited really. Except me =) I absolutely love snow, and I'm not afraid to drive in it. I know that a lot of people dont like it when it snows here because it makes the commute longer and more difficult.

My poor little Echo got covered too.. Freezing baby..!

here is my little snow beast in the snow.. Isnt she pretty? Haha.. I got some great snow tires that allow me to drive in the snow without a problem. But it also takes skill heheh..

Well I just had to do a self portrait .. Just cant resist.



  1. Good luck to you at school. I have eight kids. Four are grown and four are still at home. Three of my grown children attended college and obtained their Masters degrees. I am so proud of them. My son is now working on his PHD. I am sure your parents are very proud of you. You took a very nice self portrait.

  2. thank you for all of the best wishes! sounds like you have your hands full =) theres nothing better than seeing your child succeed in something that they love =)