Monday, January 31, 2011

TAG!! Whats on your Bucket List??

Whats on your Bucket List? What are the things that you want to accomplish in your life time? Have you made a list? I think its a good idea to make a list and update it once in a while.. You can even set a deadline! Of course my bucket list doesn't have a deadline, I'll just leave it open for now ;)

1] Discover internal happiness
2] Have more confidence
3] Buy a guitar, learn how to play it
4] Graduate with a Bachelors degree
5] Visit Spain, Portugal and Italy
6] Swim in the Mediterranean Sea
7] Work in a hospital and help the less fortunate
8] Have a big family, lots of kids!
9] Experience New York City
10] Own a Scion TC
11] Open up my own yoga studio
12] Have a romantic day in a hot air balloon with my love
13] Go sky diving... even though I'm scared to death from that..

1 comment:

  1. 1. Marry a great women that supports me in everything i do. Hard to find.
    2. Own my own restaurant.
    3.learn how to play guitar also.
    4. Visit phillipines, thailand again, france....bla bla bla everywhere i possibly can before i die. Lol
    5. Cook for someone famous.
    6.Sky dive.
    7. Eat in somebof the best restaurants in the world..too many to list.
    8. Add more to this list as the more money i make:)
    9. Have kids to make me mother happy..
    10.find a women that treated me as good as my last love. Like i said hard to find but maybe in my travels i will run into one;)