Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Such an off day

These past couple of days the wind has been blowing like crazy.. Honestly it felt like a tornado coming.. After three days of intense weather, its finally sunny. Its amazing how much the sun can change a person's mood. Living so up north, the sun just doesn't seem to be out as much... But today was a gorgeous day. I'm glad the sun was out for half of the day and warmed up these freezing temperatures. I can't wait for Spring! It is my absolute favorite season.. After such a long and brutal winter, the most beautiful thing is regeneration of new life. All of the flowers that have been sleeping through the heavy months are finally waking up and embracing us with their beauty, the trees are finally getting back their green color, and the birds hearts are filled with such beautiful songs and melody! Of course with all of this lovelyness, comes the down side... allergies! haha, Not looking forward to those, I don't think anyone is!

My absolute favorite flowers that welcome Spring! Kokicheta.

Such small and delicate flowers, represent true beauty

OFF TOPIC - Sometimes I get so bored with my hair, I want to change pretty much everything about it.. Lately, all I've been wanting to do is to chop it all of and not deal with it anymore....... Maybe shoulder length? I really want to! Tony isn't too happy about that, but its just hair, it will grow back.. I still haven't made up my mind though...

Desired Length.. My hair is pinned up

My length at the moment.. Actually its longer..

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