Friday, February 18, 2011

a person without roots

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have lived in one place my whole life. I walk down the street and see girls who have known each other their whole lives and are living in this one place they call home, and I envy them. I have changed so many homes in the past 14 years, that I honestly don't know what to call home anymore. I change schools, cities and friends like there is no tomorrow. I've met so many people throughout my life, and only the true friends stick around.... which are hard to keep over a long distance... I've gone to seven different schools, lived on two continents and eight diff cities. I wish I can remember all of the people that have come in and out of my life, but with my vague memory, not much is possible. At least I got the opportunity to travel and see the different sides of the world. Its so funny how different people are when they come from diff parts of the globe. Not just their outer appearance, but personalities, gestures and way of life.. Sounds like common sense, but you don't even realize it until you experience it. Sooner or later you learn how to adapt to various cultures and make them your own.... But I still want to know what its like to have grown up in one place, know the same people my whole life, have really good friends and even best friends. But for now I guess I will keep roaming till I find a place I can call home...

One of my favorite sayings of all time is "Home is where the heart is"

such a dreamer

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